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I have worked in both private practice and public sector positions gaining a diverse knowledge of building techniques, processes and procedures. With nearly 25 years experience in architecture and construction I set up Niall Young Architecture in 2010 to offer a professional and personalised service to clients and contractors throughout central Scotland.

My previous role, working for a busy local contractor, comprised of providing in-house architectural services and assisting in organising and managing construction projects. I have worked on-site and gained hands-on experience in undertaking building projects, often participating in the actual building of elements (I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty). Having seen projects through from conception to completion and dealing with issues that arise on and off site has stood me in good stead for understanding fully the design and construction in both domestic and commercial environments.

I understand that what a client wants is a great solution that not only fulfils their needs but gives them pleasure and can be built at a cost that they envisaged and are comfortable with. The drawings must be presented in a manner that is easy to interpret by their contractor with clear / accurate detailing which will help to lead to a trouble free construction process.

All too often I come across projects that have been poorly designed due to lack of thought and understanding of the clients needs and aspirations. My aim is always to investigate fully the options available in providing solutions to my clients brief. No matter the size of project I always aim to provide alternative options so the client can choose a design that will give them maximum benefit and pleasure in each case.

I very much enjoy my work, take great pride in the drawings I produce and offer my clients great value for money.

Niall Young - Architect